Thursday, December 03, 2009

Book Trade

"...While observing the behaviour of the feather patrons of our
bird feeder, it occured to me that, in its great variety, it paralleled that of
the book trade. First, there is the bird which arrives at the feeder a minute
after it has been freshly stocked; there is the bird in bright plumage which,
with shrill cries, streaks up to the seed bin; there is the quiet bird which
carefully extracts the choicest morsels after a quick and expert glance at the
stock' there is the large fat bird who seats himself in the feeder and prevents
others from entering; there is the bird which, while feeding, splashes the seed
about; there is the bird which furtively takes the seed and flies off; there is
the bird which stuffs itself beyond normal capacity and takes off with
difficulty; and finally there is the little bird which sits at the bottom of the
feeder awaiting the occasional dropped crumb. Any resmblance to book-dealers,
living or dead, is intentional." -
Richard S. Wormser
Quoted in G. F. Sims catalogue no. 73 and prompted by the first of what promises to be a fascinating two part post about Sims by Nigel Burwood at Bookride.

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Just found your blog last night via Bookride and I'm loving it so far. Thanks for posting your work.

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