Friday, October 09, 2009

Mystery Boy

One of the nice things about old photos is the alleyways they can lead you down. I thought this was a lovely image and on the back is written "George Ivan Wiehe. January 1906". My own family history has been done fairly comprehensively by my aunt but I maintain a subscription to precisely for moments like this when I feel I want to know more about someone. Granted, its more usually someone involved in an obscure branch of Victorian literature. In this instance we don't learn a great deal but we can know that the 13 year old boy in this picture fought through the First World War in France as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Durham Light Infantry and that he survived to be married to a Ruth Kennedy in the 1920s. I also know, from the context in which the photo was acquired that he must be some relation to the minor Edwardian actress Miss Dagmar Wiehe who married the man who would become Brigadier Finch-Hatton: although I haven't yet worked out the exact relationship to our boy here.

There's absolutely no reason at all for me to have done all this research. I will no doubt sell the above photo sometime soon and someone will buy it because, like me, they think it's a good photo and knowing the background and context won't raise the value one jot... but it's fun to do!

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