Saturday, October 10, 2009

garçons en images

This is a rather racy but excellent sale catalogue from librairesassocies-curiosa featuring gay male photography, books and original images, from the Victorians to the present. It includes some genuine Victorian gay porn, which is not to everyone's taste but is rare as hen's teeth. This is alongside prints of von Gloeden, Pluschow et. al. and a run of images and books right into the time of Jean-Daniel Cadinot.

It was brought to my attention because it contains a copy of one of my book, The Nude in Photography by Joseph Gleeson-White. It's always nice to see my books in the secondhand market and this one in particular as it was ravishingly popular at the time of publication and was only released in a stupidly small number and was out of print in a month.

If you have the time and inclincation you should have a look at their other catalogue, also in pdf format, a catalogue of almost exclusively straight erotica. Neither catalogue are worksafe!

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