Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Four Corners Familiars

When I posted a little while ago about The London Art Book Fair, I waxed lyrical a little about an edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Four Corners Books. I have been meaning for a while to post the other of their books, also from their Familiars series, that I bought that day: Blumfeld. An Elderly Bachelor by Kafka
"For the third in the Familiars series, David Musgrave has chosen a
little-known novella left unfinished by Kafka and concerning a man who comes
home to find that two bouncing plastic balls have invaded his home.

The book is illustrated with a series of pencil drawings of curious
artefacts and archaeological fragments invented by the artist. The text is set
in Walbaum, Kafka's preferred typeface."

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