Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cecil Court

My recent post about the copies of Alec Clunes's book catalogues that I had, sparked a communication with a lovely chap called Tim Bryars who runs a bookshop in Cecil Court where Alec Clunes was based for a while. If you are not from these parts then you should know that Cecil Court is a small, pedestrianised road just off Charing Cross Road in London. It's possible, given the current cull of shops on Charing Cross Road that there are now more bookshops in Cecil Court but I haven't done the maths. Tim, as well as a thousand other things, runs a website about the history and present of Cecil Court and if you ever need to feel positive about the state of the bookshop in the UK in these difficult times, it's a perfect place to visit: a really great example of the book trade promoting itself in the best way.

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