Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding & Honeymoon

We are back... On our first full day in Venice we decided to ignore the city and got on the boat to Murano. It was an overcast day but warm, slightly muggy perhaps. We trawled the main shopping canal full to glittering with Murano glassware of course - a few things beautiful, a few things bold, most repulsive, over-the-top and gloriously kitsch. And then, walking further, we stepped inside the church of St Donato, one of the oldest churches in the Veneto, where we were standing in front of the bones of the dragon that Donato slew with just his spit as the sky outside turned black and the heavens opened and a thunderstorm of epic proportions rolled like a non-stop freight train over the lagoon. Believe me it doesn't get much more atmospheric than that!

Remarkably, from the wedding ceremony to the meal afterwards, to the flights and travelling, to the honeymoon week and the return journey, the whole affair has been remarkably stress free. No real hassles at any point. We've come back from Venice feeling a little tired but very happy and refreshed.

You can expect a fair few posts in the next few days relating to time in Venice one way or another. This post is by way of fair warning. Thank you again to all who sent good wishes and messages of support they were all very much appreciated and we'll try and be in touch with all of you individually where we can.

Thanks also to Anonymous for an interesting comment on my G F Sims's catalogue post. If you're a regular reader of this blog and see this, please do say hi in private if you'd like by clicking on the 'email me' link.

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Anonymous said...

This is a WONDERFUL photo, and will be the background on my computer at work, starting tomorrow!

- Jim D.

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