Thursday, August 27, 2009


There has been a long-standing relationship between this blog and the play Equus by Peter Shaffer, beginning in February 2007 when I was present at both the first preview night and the last night of the run of Thea Sharrock's new production in the West End starring Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe. My relationship with the play goes back even further to a hot summer afternoon lying on my bed at home of the Isle of Wight with the windows wide open and the stultifying air still barely moving as I read through the play in one go, quite literally from cover to cover. The mixture of psychosis, religion and sexuality held me gripped all that afternoon and patterned itself into my head for weeks and months afterwards, affecting me profoundly. I have since learnt that this is not an uncommon reaction to the play, particularly I might say from gay men.

So I would be interested to hear about any new illustrated edition of the play. That this new edition is illustrated by Clive Hicks-Jenkins and printed by Nicolas McDowall at the Old Stile Press and brought to birth in many other practical ways by Frances McDowall is particularly exciting. That I have been vaguely attached to the project for the last two and a half years though contributing no more than the original idea does, I have to say, create a swelling sense of pride. Please do go and see

and read the story of

Please do visit those links and read the posts, leave comments and if you feel you'd like to make a anti-credit-crunch statement - buy one!

If you'd like to you could also review the ongoing relationship of Front Free Endpaper to the play.

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chubbian said...

I saw the original Old Vic production of Equus in 1973. Alec McCowen was superb, and Peter Firth had an ethereal quality with his mop of beautiful blond hair. The movie didn't affect me as much, although Firth was Oscar-nominated for it. It's a strange experience to watch Firth these days as Sir Harry in 'Spooks'.

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