Monday, August 10, 2009

Edwardian Toddlers and Lion Cubs

This is a quite extraordinary photo that I bought today. It took me a moment, because the image is slightly faded, to work out what it was exactly it was that the woman and child have each in their lap. Can you imagine today giving your four-year-old a lion cub to play with for a photo opportunity! I know we like to make fun today of health and safety but really...? lions.


orpheo said...

interesting blog
tons of nostalgie, i love it
greeting from switzerland

Anonymous said...

There's an account in Weedon Grossmith's autobiography From Studio to Stage of going to Sanger's Menagerie in Margate to pose with a lion cub having seen" pictures in the illustrated papers of ladies nursing a little lion cub called George." By the time Grossmith posed "He was big as a donkey ....and twice as heavy, but he goes through with it out of bravado,describing it as," describing it as "the most stupid and dangerous event" of his life.

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