Friday, August 21, 2009

Black and White Saints

Leaves from The Golden Legend
chosen by H. D. Madge with illustrations by C. M. Watts
Constable & Co. Ltd., London, 1910. New Edition.
Sometimes it's the small things that delight the most. This little thing I picked up for £2.00 the other day. It ticks a number of boxes for me. First of all, The Golden Legend is primarily the lives of numerous saints and I have a soft spot for hagiography - remind me sometime to tell you the story of St Christina the Astonishing. Second, the book has a very pretty decorated cover, I don't know if anyone with a 'name' was working on the book designs at Constable at the time but I wouldn't be surprised to discover that was the case. Thirdly, the illustrations are lovely: black and white, something of the Harry Clarke about them.
I also wanted to say thank you to anonymous who commented on my recent post about a photograph of children playing with lion cubs. A very interesting comment and I'm sure it must be connected in some way with my photo. Thanks again whoever you were...

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