Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vintage Photos: Ceylon

I see a lot of the kind of photo books which were produced for tourists in this country and abroad from the lte nineteenth century into the early twentieth. Everywhere had them from Naples to Dartmoor. The value depends entirely on where they depict: it is strange how some towns/places are 'collected' and others provoke no interest at all.

These are from one such book The Hundred Best Views of Ceylon which I sold recently and which I thought really was a cut above the average. The book was published by the photographers who were local, based in Colombo, and the quality of the photography and the reproduction was a lot better than you would normally expect in such a production. The fact that there were some pics of scantily clad, lean young men obviously helped to endear it to me.

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larry said...

Dear James

I am looking for an image to promote a production of the Pearl Fishers, an opera set in Ceylon at the Royal Opera House, London.

I am interested in the image of the boy fishing or any others that are similar.

Please call me to discuss.

Larry Osborne 020 7321 0488

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