Thursday, July 30, 2009

Denton Welch Decorates Penguin

John Lehmann must have been quite a character. Just a quick glance down the list of contributors to his Penguin New Writing and The London Magazine, both of which he edited show how he was able to gather the great, the good and the gay into print. This copy of The Penguin New Writing has a reproduction of a painting by Keith Vaughan and some tail-pieces by him also at the end of a number of pieces. I'm sure they'll make an appearance here at a later date but I then noticed that the other tail-pieces in the book were drawn by Denton Welch, some of which are above. Again, you have to wonder, what manner of man was Lehmann that he was able to conjour decorations for one book from both Welch and Vaughan!

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Weston said...

Very nice. Hadn't seen these drawings of Welch's.

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