Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Evenings

Apropos of nothing really, except to say that, strange as it might seem, the beach here in Portsmouth, at its far Eastern end, with rough, salty vegetation growing through it, is one of my favourite places. There is an expansiveness of shingle, sea and sky here, all stratified perfectly that draws me powerfully. The beautiful weather of late means that evenings cooling off by the sea with an uninterrupted view of the Isle of Wight across The Solent and the ponderous comings and goings of continental ferries are going to once more become a regular feature of life here.

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chrisbellinger said...

Agree the beach at Eastny does have its appeal.
do'nt forget Portsmouth Fine Art Degree show will be on for next couple of weeks and i am in it.
Will say someone has done something with china plates!!

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