Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Poems by Jocelyn Brooke

A new title is about to fly... I was in Chichester today, where the streets were thronged with male beauty I have to say, to source the materials for Six Poems by Jocelyn Brooke. His estate very kindly gave me permission to reprint them a couple of months ago and I've been wanting to get it sorted out as quickly as possible and feeling a little like the time has been slipping away. This is the final proof copy printed on Fabriano Ingres paper in a bright aqua-green card cover. It is one of the largest format titles I've ever done (10" tall), the construction ripped mercilessly, ahem, I mean done in homage to Alan Anderson's books from The Tragara Press.

I had read on the internet some slightly sniffy comments about Brooke's poetry. It's true that he was young when he wrote and self-published these (1928) and that does show, but when I finally tracked down a copy in the British Library I found I rather liked them. At least two of them are studiedly homoerotic in tone. Unless you have a reader's ticket for the British Library you are unlikely to be able to read these poems except in this reprint. Even if you could find one of the original 50 for sale, which I can't, I suspect it would cost you many hundreds, if not a thousand pounds or so.

NB. This if the final proof. It won't be 'published' and available until next week. If you would like to be on the mailing list for anouncements of new titles, please email me.

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Don Mader said...

Query your 1928 date, as the title appears already in the Catalogue of Selected Books from the Private Library of a Student of Boyhood, Youth and Comradeship, which came out in 1924. Or did Brooke do two printings?
Needless to say, send me info when it comes out.

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