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Corvine Patterned Paper

The Bull Against the Enemy of the Anglican Race is one of the rarer of the early Rolfe pieces. It was originally printed in 1929, edited by A J A Symons from two MSS. "This Bull is a violent attack upon Lord Northcliffe and The Daily Mail, written by Rolfe in his self-imagined role of Pope Hadrian VII." 50 copies were printed and distributed on 27th june 1929 at the first dinner held by the Corvine Society at The Ambassador Club in London.

The photo above is of the copy which once belonged to Shane Leslie and is heartily inscribed to him by A J A Symons.

Given the rareity of the item, of course my eyes widened when I saw the other day, across a tumbling pile of books in a rambling old bookshop, the same black and white patterned paper. I rushed over, only to discover that it was, in fact, being used on a fairly ordinary book of music, Russian songs in fact, published in the US. Woolf, in his bibliography of Rolfe, doesn't say anything about the origin of the paper used as wrappers on The Bull but it would be nice, to find out where is came from if possible.

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FR1860 said...

This paper has been reproduced as plate 8 in "Patterns for Papers," one of the Victoria and Albert Museum Colour Books (1987). In the introduction by Sarah Postgate she credits the artist Althea Willoughby as the creator, who worked for the Curwen Press in the 1920 and 1930s. No information is given about the artist. The footnote dates the paper 1929, the year of the publication of "The Bull."
This paper apparently was not reproduced in "A Specimen Book of Pattern Papers Designed for and in Use at the Curwen Press," published in 1928.
It is perhaps no coincidence that my proof copy of "The Quest for Corvo" published in 1934 is bound in this same patterned paper.
Bobby T. McFarland

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