Friday, May 29, 2009

Rudolf Lehnert Photo Book

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I was delighted to receive an email from the lovely people at the Intermale bookshop in Amsterdam anouncing the arrival of two new limited edition photo books. One in particular caught my eye: Rudolf Lehnert L’Album des nus masculins.

As I've mentioned before, R and I used to collect postcards by Lehnert & Landrock (Landrock was the business brain Lehnert the photographer) and there was always the sense that in their langorous, softly homoerotic images of young arab men and boys, that perhaps the photographer's eye was seeing the same as we did in these 'exotic' young things. But, as neither R nor I have any German to speak of, and since there were far more photos of nubile young wenches, we assumed, I think, that L&L were merely pandering to the same early 20th century clientele who bought the photos of Von Gloeden and Pluschow, but without the same personal commitment from the photographer. Seems we were wrong! It was more than the homoerotic subtext which attracted R and I to the whole ouevre of Rudolf Lehnert, the topographical photos of North Africa and the Middle East all have an appeal, and by the time we finished collecting we had something like 300 postcards and several of the larger colour photogravure reproductions. Now I just keep an eye out for them and deal in them occasionally.

The other book mentioned by the way was even ruder. But if you like a bit of vintage porn then feel free...

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