Sunday, May 31, 2009

More from Leonard Smithers

This is the man.

While I was digging around for information on human skin binding before posting the photos and description from Smithers's catalogue I noticed someone remarking on how their hit rate went up every time they mentioned the subject. And it's true. At least three new links to this blog from other sites almost immediately I put the post up... You macarbre lot you.

Nothing quite so icky today but a few moments from Leonard Smithers's Catalogues which caught my eye.

From catalogue No. 1. April 1895, p.15:

"59. BOURKE (capt. John G.) Scatalogic Rites of All Nations, a Dissertation upon the Employment of Excrementitious Remedial Agents, Therapeutics, Divination, Witchcraft, Love-

Philtres, etc. in all part of the Globe, based on Original Notes and Personal Observation, and upon Compilations from Over One Thousand Authorities. 1891, 8vo., cloth, uncut. £2. 10s

An extremely curious work which treats exhaustively upon a subject which, although the historian Buckle regarded it as one well worty of examination and study, had never received the consideration it deserves."

From catalogue No. 3. Sept 1895, p.79, 91:

"348. BEARDSLEY (Aubrey). Original Unpublished Drawing in Colours, "Messalina and her Maid Returning from the Lupanar," size 7 by 11in.

The above is a most characteristic example of the "morbid" fancy of this truly original artist. It was originally designed for the "Yellow Book", but did not appear, being regarded as too outre."

"415. WRATISLAW (Theodore) Caprices. Poems by. London 1893, elegantly printed on hand-made paper, post 8vo., artistic parchment binding, uncut. Only 100 copies printed. 5s.

416. --- The Same, Japanese Vellum Edition, post 8vo., similar binding. ONLY 20 COPIES PRINTED, £1 1s.

417. --- The Same, SPECIAL ISSUE, containing two poems supressed in the above edition. 5 COPIES PRINTED, of which only 2 are for sale. £2. 2s.

The few remaining copies of these charming poems have been transfered to me, from their late publisher by the Author."

Mouthwatering stuff...

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John C said...

Heh, I may have helped with your hits since I linked your post on Twitter and that got picked up by others. Nice to see those covers which I've only read about before.

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