Monday, May 04, 2009

Holed up in Wales

Have spent the last week in the most delightful retreat in South Wales, just inside the Pembrokeshire National Park and in the last house before the Preseli Hills. Quite magnificent isolation. Every now and again I go away with two good friends for a week of nothingness and this was the first sucvh trip in a while.

We were in one of the best equipped and provisioned self-catering cottages I've ever stayed in. The picture above doesn't do it justice. The landscape is the view from the back door.

If you have interest enough you should see just how isolated we were by copying this:

51 58 48.00 N 4 44 23.94 W

into the search box on Google Earth...

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Thevina said...

GORGEOUS!!! :weeps and gnashes teeth at American citizenship I wish I didn't have:
Thank you so much for sharing pictures. I'll have to try the coordinates using regular google maps; I think I'm running out of space on my harddrive for a program like google earth. :P

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