Monday, March 30, 2009

A Stationary Post

Amazing what one learns along the way. During research into The Stationers' School following up Rolfe's early career I came across this reference explaining the origin of the term 'stationary'

"The origins of The Worshipful Company ofStationers and Newspaper Makers, in oneform or another, stretch back to the fourteenthcentury. However, in the year 1403 the “textwriters”,who made copies of books, and the“lymners”, who illuminated them, petitionedthe then Lord Mayor and Aldermen of theCity of London with the object of forming asingle trading company. Approval of theproposal was given to the formation of aguild, the members of which were text-writersand illuminators of manuscript books,booksellers, bookbinders and suppliers ofparchment, pens and paper. They set upfixed-position stalls in St Paul’s Churchyard– hence the term “Stationers” as opposed tothose operating as itinerant vendors."

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Uncle 2012 said...

Thank you!

I have wondered of the origins of "Stationary".

It is good to know that such a common, and useful establishment as the stationary store or departments have such interesting beginnings.

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