Monday, March 30, 2009

Ralph Chubb Painting

How naughty, nearly ten days without a post. Here's hoping that this will make up for it. For sale on Ebay as I speak, a large painting (20" x 30") said to be by Ralph Chubb. Now, I don't put it like that because I in any way disbelieve the attribution, the seller seems to have done a great deal of research, the painting looks fine to me, but I am no expert on Chubb and wouldn't like to be taken as one. However, I do enjoy some of his Blake-ian outpourings and this in particular is rather colourful.

Starting at 99p it will be an interesting one to watch.

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Anonymous said...

There were several 'homages' to Chubb manufactured by the Middlebury College, Vermont, art instructor John Stewart (a.k.a. J. Stuart) back in the 1970s, one of which - of a reclining boy, based one one of Chubb's drawings - got offered in an early Elysian Fields Books catalogue (which I don't have on hand any more). Stewart also did a copy of Merritt's Love Locked Out which deceived two not unknowledgeable antique dealers in my acquaintance into thinking it was a contemporary copy. In other words, as a professional artist Stewart knew what he was doing.

I missed this on EBay, so don't know what research the seller offered, but that price alone makes me very suspicious, even without knowing of the Stewart 'homages'. What was the outcome of the auction?

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