Thursday, March 12, 2009

Patterned Paper: Insel-Bücherei

I delight in patterned papers whether printed by hand or machine. If it weren't for the fact that of all European languages, German is the one for which I have the least aptitude, I could imagine becoming slightly obsessed with these little numbers from the Insel-Verlag publishing company. They are very reminiscent of Ladybird books in size, shape and feel. These four came through my hands today but are by no means the most beautiful. Don't take my word for it... let a Google image search take you to patterned paper heaven.

The library of the Grand Valley State University rather helpfully explains what we are looking at here:

"The German publishing company Insel Verlag was founded in 1899 by Anton
Kippenberg in Leipzig. In its early years the firm only printed expensive,
beautifully-produced volumes. However, to answer the demand from readers of more

modest means, the Insel-Bücherei series was begun in 1912. Relatively
inexpensive but with the same careful sense of design and typography, these
smaller-format books reprinted shorter works from a variety of German, European,
and world authors. The series numbers considerably more than a thousand titles
and is still being issued.

Special Collections holdings of the Insel-Bucherei
editions currently consist of about 200 volumes and the collection is
continually growing. "

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GFis said...

you may have a look at and the links there. I have about 800 of the Insel series, and many duplicates from which I could sell you a subset.
Regards - Georg Fischer

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