Monday, March 02, 2009

Not So Vintage Photos: The Tricorn

I've been going through a box of old photos...
Before Portsmouth had a premiership football team it was really famous only for HMS Victory and the whole Nelson vibe, and also, every time the press had a 'ten worst buildings in Britain' thing going on, The Tricorn Centre would invariably be up there...
Built in a 60s as a piece of unrelenting concrete modernism, it deteriorated into what you see in the photos by the 1990s and finally, after some fairly concerted campaigning to keep it, was demolished not so long ago now to be replaced with a 'temporary' car park. The cark park was to be temporary until the much heralded Northern Quarter Development, another massive retail empire, was brought "on-stream". Well, then the bucks hit the fan and how long the car park stays now is anyone's guess.
Anyway, by the time I knew it in the 2000s, The Tricorn looked like it does in these rather grainy b/w photos from the bottom of my photobox.

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