Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hugo and Nebula Collection

The Fine Books Company is offering for sale a pretty unique collection: all the Hugo and Nebula winners. 126 books in fine or better condition, 95% of them signed by the author, which in some cases might almost the only signed copy to have ever been offered for sale. Astonishing and at an astonishing price of £85,500.

The title of the listing on Abebooks does kind of give away the problem with trying to shift a collection like this in one lot: "FOR THE WEALTHY SCIENCE FICTION ENTHUSIAST WHO HAS NOTHING" Precisely! The only person who is going to buy this collection is going to have to be all those somewhat contradictory things. Good luck to them though, that's what I say. It would be a great piece of recession-busting news to hear that it had sold.

Just the collection of cover photos Abe has pulled together for their page on the collection has me fascinated already. It is said that it might be the last time such a collection is offered for sale and this is probably true. The signed copies make this nigh on impossible to replicate and even collecting, unsigned, the first editions of all these titles is now well outside the reach of all but the wealthiest collectors.

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