Monday, March 30, 2009

Frederick Rolfe Baron Corvo: The Piano Man

Frederick Rolfe, sometimes known as Baron Corvo, was the son of a family of pianoforte makers. It was a business which was on its last legs by the time Rolfe had anything to do with it and it finally petered out during his lifetime. Even during Rolfe's childhood it seems that Rolfe's father's work might have been as much as a piano tuner as a manufacturer. However, I've always thought that a collector of Rolfe ought one day to have a Rolfe piano.

Sadly, this one came along at just the wrong time. It was offered for sale at a provincial British auction house this month, estimated at £200-300. Rather pretty I thought!
There is much more about Rolfe's family, and his relationship with them, in Robert Scoble's Raven monograph no. 7: The Constant Family.

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