Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Book With a History

After a couple of similar posts recently, I'm beginning to think I should rename this blog 'Books with a History'. This is a two volume copy of E. L. Butcher's The Story of the Church of Egypt, a desirable little number in its own right. This copy is bound in half-calf with marbled paper boards and endpapers. There's a little wear, some knocks and bumps but it remains a nice set. Opening it up, however, reveals the real history. The bookplates are those of Lord Cromer, Consul-General in Egypt 1883-1907, which would be enjoyable enough but then there's the ownership signature of Harry Boyle, Consul and Oriental Secretary in Cairo 1889-1909.
But perhaps the most fun about this book was that out of its pages fell the visiting card of Shenouda III, otherwise known as Pope Shenuda III of Alexandria. How cool is that, to have the visiting card of a Pope!

Obviously the book will be up for sale fairly soon but I'm enjoying having it around in the meantime.

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