Saturday, January 24, 2009

William Scott Lithographs

Soldiers' Verse
Chosen by Patric Dickinson
Lithographs by William Scott
Frederick Muller Ltd., London, 1945

This was today's find. A rather disreputable looking copy, dirty, ex-library, written-in, loose binding and a musty smell. But just look at those lithographs! Although they all have a small library ink stamp on the verso, only one has any kind of damage and that's almost unoticable. They are so wonderfully evocative, brooding, and melancholy. The thick black is either dynamic in an evil, opressive kind of way or, in the stiller images, overwhelmingly sad.

I hardly need say anything about Scott here because the website of the William Scott Foundation is so wonderfully easy to use and wide-ranging that I only need direct you there.

The book itself cost me £2, sad and unloved little creature that it is. Truthfully, whilst I rarely say this of any book, it is in such bad condition that it's only real value is for breaking. All I have to decide is whether I am going to do that myself or sell it on for someone else to do. In any better condition it would be quite a worthwhile book retailing for anywhere between £80 and, in very good condition, £250.

Anyway, I liked these enough to invest the time in scanning them all and loading them to Flickr where you can go see them should you wish.

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