Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Willard Price from Lewis

It was a good day today. Possibly the last day when it's going to feel much like it's still the holiday season - in fact, it's twelfth night, so that figures I suppose. R and I spent a briskly cold but sunny day in Lewis which is a picturesque Sussex town just East of Brighton and pretty well stocked with antique shops. (It also has the most amazing cafe called Bill's, there's another one in Brighton, which just makes the most amazing food) So, among other things I found a couple of books by Willard Price. One was a copy of Innocents in Britain (Heinemann, 1958) in which Willard and Wife take a turn around the UK, including a spot of canoeing on the Thames! The second was a paperback reading copy of Diving Adventure in which nineteen-year-old Hal Hunt and his fourteen year old brother Roger go and live with Dr Dick in an underwater village, play around in a minisub called Deepboat and make friends with a Dolphin called Big Boy - I kid you not!

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Ian John Copeland said...

Goodness, I remember reading exactly the same copy when I was younger, drawn in by the cover picture of a rather hunky looking boy hunter of the deep!


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