Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ninian Comper and Stained Glass

My previous post took me the photos of Simon_K and his enormous haul of photos of England's Eastern counties. I was reminded in doing so of two interests of mine that come together in some of his beautiful photos.

Stained glass is one of those art forms, a little like marble sculpture, to which I came late. For a long while both were simply things I walked past or ignored on the assumption that I knew they didn't do anything for me at all. And then, as I've related elsewhere, suddenly you take another look and something clicks. I don't know anything about stained glass, I wish I did. It would be wonderful to be able to confidently point at some and know which century even it was created in. However, I do know the work of Ninian Comper (my second interest in Simon_K's photos) because he's photographed a number of Comper churches. Comper was one of the great church architects and craftsmen of the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries, a great man of the gothic revival... some say he's all kitsch and Victorian Aryan Christianity... but there is much more there, I think, a delicacy, an innocence and a real sense of beauty as in these examples above.


snowy said...

When in Selworthy church (Exmoor, Somerset) recently, there was a stained glass window attributed to J.H. Comper that looked in the style of J.Ninian Comper. Were there two Compers or was the writing on the information board in the church incorrect?


Callum said...

Hi Snowy,

I'm sorry to say I'm no expert on Comper but as far as I'm aware there was no J. H. Comper and I suspect it is a typo.

Thanks for dropping by.


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