Saturday, January 24, 2009


All the research and layout work on my edition of The Attack on St Winefride's Well is now done and I'm about to start the physical part of creating a new book. A while ago I wrote about the beautiful hand-printed patterned paper I'd found and this is going to be what's on the boards of the new book. But for the spine, instead of my normal paper covered spines I thought I would try using some buckram for the first time. To anyone familiar with book binding, I'm sure that this seems like a minor trifle but I have always had something of a mental block about using cloth and I've never attempted it before. So, I have found some blue buckram and spent a while today making a little notebook with some scraps of marbled paper and the buckram on the spine. It turns out it's much easier to use than paper and I'm pretty okay with the result too.

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Nicolas said...

I hope you have fun with your buckram. If, in the event, you do not find it as easy to use as on your trial run, be encouraged that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Our (utterly expert) binders will not touch the stuff if they can help it. I'm not quite sure why not but I think it is to do with difficulty in going against its natural desire to stay flat when you want to fold it over and glue it.

If you continue to like it, we have some rolls - probably about 80-90 years old - rescued during my publishing days. You are welcome to dig in when you next come to see us. Only red and blue!


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