Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Attack on St Winefride's Well

Now, I don't want anyone getting over-excited(!). This isn't published yet, but I have now made the first copy of my edition of The Attack on St Winefride's Well by Frederick Rolfe, one of the rarest of rare items and one which, perhaps surprisingly, has never been republished. It seems like it's been a million years in the preparation so it's lovely to finally have a proof copy sitting in front of me.

Actually, I'm quite proud of the whole thing. It contains, not just the text of The Attack but also the full text of two letters by Rolfe to newspapers which also haven't been reprinted since the 1890s as well as an unpublished photo which I believe it of Rolfe at the Shrine in Holywell. There is a long introduction which, I hope, elucidates some of the context for The Attack and Rolfe's last months in the town. It is that introduction which has taken the time really: months of work at home and in the British Library.

My supplier tells me that they don't have the paper I use in stock at the moment and it will have to be ordered, which might mean it's going to be about a fortnight or three weeks before I can anounce this as available to buy.

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