Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wilde Calling

Today's objet du désir is, sadly, not an acquisition but was only shown to me briefly by a friend who knew I would be excited by it. Sadly, he caught me on the only day in the last million years when I haven't had my digital camera with me so I had to rush it to the nearest photocopier for this grainy image.

For the uninitiated, when he got out of prison Oscar Wilde took, for a time, the name Sebastian Melmoth which, as Wikipedia has it was, "after the famously "penetrated" Saint Sebastian and the devilish central character of Wilde's great-uncle Charles Robert Maturin's gothic novel Melmoth the Wanderer." That's the received wisdom anyway although I'm not aware that Wilde every specified the reasons for the choice himself - I'm sure I'll be corrected if necessary.

Nonetheless, an amazing thing to have walked in and out of my life today.

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