Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank You Bernard

Site counters always seem a little odd to me and I was intrigued at the beginning of the month when mine started telling me that the average number of visitors had almost doubled from abour 40 to around 80 separate visitors each day for several days on end. At the same time I got a rash of orders from French Canadians for the A Boy's Absence, which I published recently.

All became clear however because there is a natty little adjunct to one of my site counters which tells me what sites are referring most of my visitors to me, in other words where people where online before they were visiting Front Free Endpaper. And suddenly at the top of the list was the blog of Bernard Alapetite who had put together this very kind post about the book.

Do visit his blog. It's packed full of gay film, photography, art, models, books and culture and although it's in French, if you can't manage the language there's still plenty to look at. Be aware there are a few nude photos and the like.

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