Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Sexiness of Sculpture Again

Verrocchio: David
Sansovino: Bacchus
Cellini: Perseus
Cellini: Narcissus
Bernini: Angel

So it's been one of those strange times of late when the weather, which has been unrelentingly cold and miserable for some days now, and the change of season generally, makes life seem a little harder than it actually is. That, and a number of stupid little real-life dramas, largely related to the piece of machinery I sometimes think of as our car, have made for something of a blogging gap... here's to undo all that!

One of the benefits of spending whole afternoons up to your elbows in the rather mucky possessions of someone recently deceased, trying to find the gems which might make your visit worthwhile, is that one sometimes comes up with things of no real value but which can be tucked away into the haul for their mildly diverting value. Hence I find myself going through a rather well illustrated and erudite book on Italian sculpture to bring you the sexiness here displayed.

It also led to me adding a small update to my Saint Sebastian Blog, which hasn't happened in a long time!


Fairy Boy said...

Nice post! I like the second one. Bacchus is a great subject for artists, and there's often an intergenerational subtext, with a young faun following him in an affectionate or devotional manner. Always cute!

I agree with you about clearing out dead people's effects. I had to do it for a great aunt a couple of years ago. It's very grim work - and really puts one in mind of the ultimate futility of material possessions.

Not that that's much comfort to a collector, I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

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