Thursday, November 13, 2008

Queen Victoria and Co.

This is an interesting, if a little frustrating, item. I've examined this CDV minutely and I still can't work out exaclty what it is. The faces, certainly, appear photographic and yet the backdrop, the carpet and props all appear as though this is a photo of a painting or engraving. I have known group photos on cabinet cards and CDVs where the heads have been 'stuck' on to some kind of mock up but those have always been very obvious to anyone from the age of Photoshop. The mystery is compounded by the fact that, although there are a number of very well known large pictures (photos and paintings) of the Queen and her extended family, I can't find any other example of this particular image.

The best I can think at the moment is that it's a photograph but one which has been heavily worked over on a positive print and the photographed again... maybe...

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