Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Patterned Paper

A bookbinder I know has recently introduced me to the work of some friends of his in Edinburgh making patterned paper, J & J Jeffery. As far as I can tell they have little or no web presence. They create some of the most sumptuous patterned papers I've seen. Some are paste papers, where ink is spread onto glass and patterned before the paper is pressed onto it - a little like a repeatable form of monoprinting I suppose. Some are block printed; many of the block printed ones are my favourites. And of particular note is their Dutch Gilt paper, vibrant, colourful and very rich indeed.

I have ordered my first batch of their paper and already have ideas about the project for which it might be used.


Thevina said...

Oh Callum, those papers are absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

Off-topic, so glad that you had a good trip to Venice, and you and I really need to have another lengthy chat. Things are going well, not to worry, but I just miss you and hearing from you. (((hugs)))

laurel said...

I found your blog while looking for papers like these ones from J&J Jefferys. I want them for lining boxes etc. Can you share the resource, please?

BTW - the printing method that you mentioned as reminding you of mono-prints sounds like paste paper (Kleisterpapier), in which a mixture of flour, water and pigment were spread on one piece of paper, which was pressed to and then pulled away from another. Does this sound right? It is one of the earliest forms of printed paper.

Lovely blog - thankyou.

Callum said...

Hi Laurel - Thanks for your comment here. I'm afraid that the Jefferies don't have a website and I am, for obvious reasons, reluctant to post their phone number online. If you would email me directly by using the link towards the top right of this page, I will see if I can dig out the contact details.

Maija VÄ«ksne said...

Hi Callum!

I was wondering if you still have J & J Jefferies' contact details? I'm on a book binding mission in Edinburgh this weekend and would like to get in touch with the marble paper makers before I go. You can get back to be by emailing to I'll be very grateful for any J & J Jefferies contact details you may have.

Best wishes,

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