Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Keith Vaughan

R has been away this weekend just gone in Bath and Bristol and he popped in on Anthony Hepworth's gallery in Bath and was treated to a show of some Vaughan's not actually on display at the moment. Hepworth is a recognised expert on Vaughan. So when R came home waving two beautifully produced catalogues full of beautifully reproduced Vaughan pictures I was put in mind of a few I have found of late that, as usual, may not yet have found their way onto the internet and so that's what you are looking at above.

From the top:

1. Woman With Dogs

2. Figure Washing at a Basin

3. Abstract Oil and Canvas Collage

3. The Medical Inspection

Obviously they all have an appeal but if I was forced to take one home to hang on the wall, perhaps strangely, it would be the abstract. I don't always have much of a feel for abstract work and would normally choose a figurative piece over abstract work any day but there is just something extremely compelling to me about the collage.

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