Friday, November 21, 2008

The Cat has Come To Stay

Many years ago now R and I brought two cats into our lives, Curzon and Dax, (and it's probably best not to ask about the names). Through thick and thin they followed us around until eventually circumstances forced us to find another home for them.

Horror of horrors, a few years ago now, Curzon went missing never to be seen again, perhaps even worse than loosing a pet to a road accident or some other known fate. But Dax soldiers on, now about 12 years old and is owned now by a somewhat disabled friend of ours who has looked after her for a good couple of years and we all agreed that it was to be a permanent move to give the poor cat some stability for the rest of her natural.

But that doesn't rule out the odd holiday! Our friend rarely goes away, maybe once every two or three years but a family wedding up north was enough to prompt her to fight her way onto a plane so we have the cat for a couple of weeks. As I type this she's curled up on the bed between R's feet and I'm not sure if the little snoozy noises are coming from her or from him but it's all very sweet nonetheless.

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Thevina said...

How fun to see a cat in your home!! I also loved seeing the pictures of the new monographs and sets of hand-bound books and I could recognize the pottery it was standing next to.

I miss you so much! And your flat! And R! And watching Merlin on your computer while drinking coffee!! :( We must IM soon.

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