Friday, November 07, 2008

Call of the Past

A while ago now I was a teenager and, like a number of rather more geeky teenagers, I was a fan of the RPG (or role-playing game to you). Yes, I have played D+D (not AD+D but the even more 'original' D+D) but the game that really stirred the imagination was Call of the Cthulhu, a horror-genre role-playing game based on the books and stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

So when an old friend from school - in fact the only old school friend I'm still in touch with - suggested that we should rake over the coals of our teenage enthusiams and put together the Call of the Cthulhu game to end all Call of the Cthulhu games, of course I said yes.

most RPGers will proudly tell you that the best thing about RPGs in general is that you require absolutely nothing but some dice, an imagination and some paper and pencils but for this new game we are branching out and my role in the whole thing is something akin to 'prop master'. Which is how I come to be showing off the above. The game requires two dice, old and possibly occult looking with strange symbols on for numbers and the above were my answer to this. Made by my own fair hand from Milliput, gouged with numbers from the Illuminati Cipher and then painted I have to say, I'm rather proud of them. I'm also working on a fake nineteenth century notebook which is going rather better than expected and which may be introduced here ere long...

If the above means nothing to you at all then rest assured that your sanity is completely safe.

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Thevina said...

Oh my dear... those are priceless! How cool that you're feeling so creative these days! I love the picture of the die and the fact that you made them. That's brilliant. And you're working on a fake 19th C book? How very fun!! Miss you!! :(

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