Friday, October 03, 2008

Willard Price Joy

One of the joys of collecting, in fact one of the things which often set me off collecting a certain set of things, is seeing a collection as it is coming along or when finished, that just looks right. It is, in fact, that sense of set-ness, or together-better-than-alone-ness, that just sometimes makes collecting worthwhile. So having scooped three Willard Price first editions on Ebay the other day imagine my joy: the fantasticly implausible rollicking stories, the wonderful 50s-70s sytle illustrations by Pat Marriot, and the simply joy of being able to nestle them into the growing collection of Willard Price books, and The Adventure Series in particular, on the shelf.

Any collection requires a lot of decision making. In this case, as you can possibly see, I decided that if it was a hardcover copy with a jacket then I would buy it as these Adventure books are surprisingly scarce these days. Then, as times goes by, and particularly once I have a copy of all 14 Adventure books I would trade-up in terms of condition and from later impressions of these Cape first editions to first-firsts. Having said that, a surprising number of first-firsts in very good condition have come my way.

PS. The Other Andrew, no they were neither pissed nor on a pub, in fact, that's an antiques emporium and they were the official photographers and the official photographer's friends: although you're right of course, in any other road it would have been a pub and they would have been smashed, just goes to show what a cool kinda place Albert Road is! Chixclix, I think you should indeed have a go at Icarus and obviously the result woulf be exhibited first on Front Free Endpaper! I have to say that ever since I wrote that post below I've had odd phrases and word-images floating around which might one day resolve into a poem and we know where that kind of thing can lead...

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