Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Art Surprise

Really, as a way of joining in with R, I recently entered a small monoprint in the Stride Open Exhibition at The Oxmarket Art Centre in Chichester. I posted the monoprint some time ago and it's the middle of these three. R was entering the Portsmouth Local Artists Open and had decided that if his work failed to get accepted there he was going to enter the Chichester one, I decided I would just enter the second one. R was accepted in the first and, much to my surprise, mine was accepted in the Chichester exhibition. I don't really consider myself a visual artist, I just enjoy playing occasionally... and who doesn't enjoy having inky fingers!

So it was something more of a surprise when we attended the private view on Sunday night and there, right outside the entrance to the main gallery, in its own little corner on its own little easel was my small offering with a "Highly Commended" label!!! How shiny is that!?

After the fun of it wears off of course one realises how entirely dependant on a judge's sensibilities such things as selection and prizes all come down to. Still, it was a nice surprise.

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