Sunday, September 21, 2008

Willard Price Suprise

Regular visitors will know I have something of a thing for the travel writing and the childrens' books of Willard Price. This spills over, of course, into my bibliographical fetish and I keep ongoing notes on my computer towards Price's bibliography. This was an entirely accidental discovery. I was listing the exhibition catalogue above for Ebay and in the process of flicking through it I see the Transworld Publishing advert which shows a picture of South Sea Adventure by Mr Price. This is a delightful surprise because I had no idea of this edition at all. It's just a shame that the newprint is so poor that a good view of the cover is impossible.

A trawl through the catalogue of the British Library suggests that this was the only one of Price's Adventure novels published by this company but, nonetheless, its nice to have another note in the file... I can't find one for sale in any of the usual places - if anyone should see one, please do think of me ;-)

PS. John C. Thanks for the link - so much better. I just knew as I was posting it that you would have seen it and enjoyed.

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