Saturday, September 20, 2008

Typography Films

I've been having one of those Youtube moments - you know, the kind of moment that goes on for several hours as you can't quite resist clicking on the next video in the sidebar. It turns out that Youtube is flooded with typographical animations, films and experiments. I thought I would share some of the ones I enjoyed.

Possibly the most accomplished was that from The Vancouver Film School.

A great piece about the letterpress work at The London College of Printing.

Some Type in Motion Experiments:

There are shed-loads of typographical animations based on famous film dialogue. A couple of the better ones I thought were the Marcellus Wallace speech by Tarantino and a nice representation of the Ocean's Eleven plan.

And to end... a nice old fashioned alphabet...

Hope you enjoy and remember don't begin a session of Youtube when you have anything worthwhile to do within the subsequent five hours...

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John C said...

You can see the Pulp Fiction one here in higher quality:

I love it.

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