Thursday, September 11, 2008

David Paynter: a very sexy painting

The Brighton trip was in no way spoiled by the weather but it was fairly miserable and we spent most of our time when outside dodging showers. One way of doing so of course was to dip into the Brighton Museum and Gallery which neither R nor I had been to before.

R was positively orgasmic over their collection of porcelain but, in fairness, it's a very impressive museum for a provincial one. Of course, there's a fair few Glyn Philpot pieces but this was the one which stuck me most forcibly. Is this not the sexiest painting you've seen in quite a while? And it ain't small either! The artist was one David Paynter, about whom Google can provie precious little information.

The only major problem with Brighton museum? Their shop. One of the absolute requisites 'in my humble opinion' of ANY museum shop is to have readily available, good quality reproductions of the objects and images on display for sale in the form of postcards. When I took this photo of the painting I was assuming that I would be able to lay hands on a postcard but no such luck so now I am left wishing I'd taken a better angle.

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chrisbellinger said...

What a intriging Painting and you are right about it being sexy!
Can you remember when it was painted and the nationality of the painter?
it seems similar to Duncan Grant so maybe there is Bloomsbry group connection?
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