Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brighton Birthday

Tuesday was my birthday and I unexpectedly had the day off when I thought I was going to be working. Hoorah! so at the last minute R and I made plans and headed off for the day to Brighton: a day of bookshops, bric-a-brac, colourful boho-style shops, wonderful cafes and beautiful people (why is Brighton so full of top totty!?). The journey home was slightly wearisome as I was encumbered by some twenty books, all destined for my own shelves including such delight as more Robin Maugham, two more volumes of John Addington Symonds's Renaissance in Italy in the 1898 edition which match the volumes I already have very nicely, Andre Gide on Oscar Wilde, and a first UK edition of John Rechy's City of Night... among others.

The last time we went to Brighton I frustrated R by spending several hours up to my armpits in boxes of old photos that we found in one of the rambling antique places in The Lanes, this time I resolved to be good and only let a few trickle through my fingers but, in the process, found one of my favourite finds of the day. The genial gentleman in the rather scrappy picture above is Anatole France, doyen of letters and friend to a number of the Victorian/Edwardian Queers I study. I know it's him because it's an old press photo: cut down and edited around with an inked out background and helpfully labelled on the back. I just think it's a lovely thing and cost me 25 pence!
More of the Brighton trip to come...

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Anonymous said...

Happy day and congratulations!

- Jim D.

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