Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bags and Manicules

On roughly the same day as I found the paper bag above - I can't even remember where I was given it but I know it wasn't in the shop who had it made - with some more of those lovely pointing hand motifs that I've mentioned before in connection with my Gollancz addiction; Mark Valentine of the wonderous Tartarus Press and Wormwood wrote with the following little gem:

"...there's a review in the current TLS of a book called "Used Books" by William H Sherman, on the subject of marginalia and other markings in Renaissance books. He notes that the most common marking was a small pointing hand (in manuscript) to indicate an important passage, and gives examples drawn by Boccacio, John Dee and others.

Sherman says this symbol has no standard name, so he's invented one: "manicule". Perhaps this could also be adopted for the printed symbol ?"

Wonderful! A Manicule it is then!

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