Sunday, August 31, 2008

Willard Price SIGNED Books?

This rather unprepossessing book is the first US edition of The Amazing Amazon by Willard Price published by John Day in 1952. It's not a great copy, the spine is badly faded, there's no dust jacket, it's an ex-library book with a readers' ticket in a pocket inside the back cover and the normal ex-library nonsense one would expect. BUT, on the half-title there's a signature in ball-point pen which says 'W. Price'.

I have searched and searched the normal places for books by Willard Price and I have NEVER until now seen a signed copy of any of them. It's almost as if Price moved in such a different world to most members of the literati that he never had occasion to sign any of his books - perhaps too busy actually doing the travelling. This, of course, means that I now have some doubts about the signature. I have nothing to compare it with. Why sign a library book? (admittedly this is a library in a Franciscan Religious Community not a public library) but then, on the other hand, no forger in their right mind would put a signature into an ex-library book. And why forge Price's signature at all? I'm inclined to say that I'm happy with it as his signature until such time as I have more evidence.

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I've two signed books and neither signature looks like that. They very occasionally turn up on

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