Friday, August 22, 2008


It has been a hectic week. I have heard of the suicide of the grandson of someone I used to know and like well. I have been worried for another friend whom I know only through the Internet but who appears to be unwell at the moment. The seventh in the Raven series of monographs about Frederick Rolfe is 'in the presses', and there is much stitching, cutting, folding and sticking going on and I have also been attending to the clearance of several thousand books from a tiny 1930s house some forty or so miles away from here which has been a grimy and occasionally rewarding task. On top of all of that, for the last few days I've had the most excruciating toothache every few hours. So, if you have emailed or messaged me in some way this week and are still waiting to hear back then, my apologies, please bear with me.

One of the nice things about going through vast quantities of books is the sense one begins to get of the person who owned them. In this latest accquisition I picked up a number of items, not because they will likely have any great value but because the covers or illustrations were so completely typical of the 40s and 50s when so much of the more ephemeral parts of this persons hoarde seem to have been gathered. For your delectation - a selection is above.

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