Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm probably a long long way behind on this one but, whenever I go to the cinema I just can't resist picking up the free postcards [and there's another post to come on this topic] but on this occasion I saw these rather attractive cards and thought they must be advertising some new film I'd not heard of and, particularly because of the cuteness of the guys in the top two, I was already deciding I had to go see it as I was turning the cards over to discover they are actually the covers of a series of books. I haven't read them yet. This isn't a recommendation as such. However, the website is everything you'd hope for out of a posh publisher's website for a series of books.

You can go and bone up on what Stravaganza is all about yourself of course but basically it seems a cross between straightforward fantasy and alternative history, starting with the row between Romulus and Remus which, in this world caused two dimensions to split and for the world of the books to develop into the Reman Empire and eventually Talia, the equivalent but not the same as Italia in our world. The title seems to come from some strange practice in this alternative dimension called stravagation, a kind of navigation but between dimensions. Anyway, all this was enough to make me think I might like to try the series out.


John C said...

The gorgeous creature at the top reminds me of David Gallagher in the recent updating of Dorian Gray, at least the way he looked in some stills. Interesting that these covers are so obviously intended to look like cinema promotion art rather than book jackets. That's either a canny marketing move or a failure of nerve on someone's part. Perhaps a bit of both.

emiram said...

Where did you find these images? I'm more than a year trying to find the original artwork for these ...

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