Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jesuits and Graffitti

I have spent most of the afternoon today in the bowels of the Provincial Offices of the Jesuit Order in this country, rifling through their archives of material about Holywell in Wales for Frederick Rolfe material. There were discoveries! and I'm sure there will be more about all that at a later stage. But afterwards I met an ex-boyfriend for an early supper and then we took a stroll along the banks of the Thames and found ourselves first of all by the bookmarket on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge. Fortunately the market was all but shut up but I did see two volumes of Pater's Marius the Epicurian and a couple of titles by Edmund Gosse louging around on a tressle: they were next to a nearly fine copy of the Journals of Denton Welch... I was strong and we passed them all by.

Further down the South Bank is the Tate Modern who are currently doing an exhibition on the theme of Street Art - and as a conesequence, the Thames facing side of the old power station has been given over to some fairly powerful statement pieces. See above... Okay! Well, it would be a case of see above except it seems that Blogger is having some kind of fit over accepting my images... I will try again to illustrate this post tomorrow.

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