Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frederick Rolfe Hadrian VII on the stage

Following my previous post on this subject, my Australian correspondent sent scans of two more programme covers for Hadrian VII. The first is for the first Australian production (March 1969) and the second is the original (April 1968) version of the West End, London production with the original Hadrian brought to life by Alec McCowen.

Now, if I were really wanting to collect the ephemera of Hadrian VII, the play, I would presumably be scouring Camden Market in London for this item to which Donald Weeks makes an offhand reference in The Book Collector (Autumn 1981, p.362):

"The Badge Shop in London sells a 2 1/2" diameter badge, showing Alec McCowan, the actor, in white Vatican garb and as a cigarette-smoking Hadrian VII, facing the words 'Life's Funny'."

Which reminds me, I've recently been rediscovering the fun of editing Wikipedia. Having done some work on the bibliography of the entry on Frederick Rolfe I turned, at the request of a friend to post an entry he'd written on Rolfe's brother Alfred. By the look of it, however, it seems like I may have to do some work on the Hadrian VII entry!

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