Friday, August 01, 2008

Eric Gill's Little Shakespeares

Spent the afternoon with a dealer friend in Emsworth rummaging through piles of boxes and crates of her stock to put together a pile of goodies to take away; or 'folicking in the annexe' as she would have it!

I had seen these little New Temple Shakespeare's before and admired the Eric Gill images on the dustwrappers and title pages but I hadn't somehow found my way to buying them. This time I did. There are other wonderful things from this rummage which I have to share but the batteries on my digital camera have expired (again) so it will have to be tomorrow now.
I discover, by the bye, from my blog stats pages that the lovely people at Any Amount of Books have provided a link to this blog from their own: Bookride. I love that shop, and to have a link... FAB! And it's also an absolutely top flight book blog which you should make yourself familiar with.
PS. Terrance, it's great to hear from you here. Always nice to welcome new people. I'm not familiar with the Spirit Fruit community and for once, Google has failed me. I'm sure that others more conversant with that part of US history find that reference a useful one. Chris, I did catch Mandy's article in the paper which I thought was rather good and I believe R has bumped into her again since and she seems to be working hard, still creating stuff.

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